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As our page is not yet available completely in english, we are giving you here a brief summary of our products and services.
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Our products and services:

Scale Pilots for Jets and Helicopters in 1:3,75 | 1:4 | 1:5 and 1:7,5
Our pilots are fully movable and are fitted with the helmettypes currently used of most services!
Helmets feature movable visors , oxygenmasks or micro booms.
By choosing the colors of the flightsuit and the helmet, you design the exactly fitting pilot for your model!
The "right" patches on the flightsuit , depending of country, aircraft-type and squadron, will give the! Scale Look to your Pilot!
Additionally we offer our "EGO-TRIP" for the ultimate Scale modeller!
Handmade after suitable photos, we create your face for your personal pilot and you can take a seat yourself in your Scale

We manufacture your Scale Cockpit!
According to your requirements we provide you with a custom tailored Scale cockpit.
From the smallest switches, to instruments, control columns up to the seat we manufacture your cockpit solution!

Cast technology
We produce parts like panels, switches, handles, instrument housings, MFD´s and aerials in single and small series-production.

CNC Milling
According to your drawings (HPGL- or DXF files) we mill your parts in 2,5D in different materials upto a size of 600 X 1000mm

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